Emmanuelle le Pichon & Sergio Baauw

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Emmanuelle le Pichon & Sergio Baauw

Utrecht University


Education of newly arrived migrant pupils: EDINA

Research into recent immigrant children (NAMS) originating from a specific reception school, shows that these children after transition to mainstream education, in various skills such as spelling, reading comprehension, technical reading and mathematics, ranked as well as their classmates, and did not deviate from the national average. However, these NAMS were placed structurally in lower classes of regular education than where they should be placed in on the basis of their age. The EDINA project tries to improve this situation. As part of the EDINA project we developed three tools that aim to help teachers in handling NAMS. The program includes a module that helps developing specific teaching skills, a module aimed at encouraging active differentiation within the classroom, and a toolset and resources to optimize the reception, observation and transition processes of NAMS. During this lecture will discuss various aspects of the toolset, en facus on methodological challenges that we as researchers faced in developing the tool.

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