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EMLAR XVI will be held at Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, 3512 HM Utrecht (the Netherlands). The workshops will take place in the same building.

NOTE: The tutorials Eye-tracking: reading and Behavioral methods in infant research will be held at a different location: Janskerkhof 13, which is within walking distance from the main location.

Getting there by public transport

The main airport Amsterdam (Schiphol) is connected to Utrecht by a direct train, as are most other Dutch cities. For train schedules and prices, see the website of NS, the Dutch railways. Utrecht Centraal is the name of the railway station you will want to use.

Walking from Utrecht Centra(a)l Station takes ca. 20 minutes. For directions, see the map below. There is also a good bus network. The nearest bus stop is Domplein, served by bus line 2 (Museumkwartier Ringlijn). Another bus stop nearby is Janskerkhof, served by lines 28 (Uithof/UMC WKZ), 5 (Voordorp), and 8 (Wilhelminapark). To plan a trip by public transport in the Netherlands, use the 9292ov website.

Getting there by car (not recommended)

You are most likely to find (expensive) parking spots at Janskerkhof, Lepelenburg, Kruisstraat, or Springweg, indicated on signs from the main roads. Traffic in Utrecht is restricted and time-consuming, as in most old city centres.


This link shows you the relevant locations on Google Maps.

When walking through Utrecht, the tower of the Dom church (112 metres) is a good reference point; see the pictures below for other landmarks.