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Online surveys with Qualtrics

Online surveys with Qualtrics

  • Instructor(s): Martijn van der Klis Utrecht University
  • Available also as advanced: No

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool that enables students, researchers to create complex surveys that meet a variety of needs. For researchers, big pluses are that Qualtrics is easy to use, is modifiable to a great extent and can be installed on university servers (thus keeping the data in-house).

In the first part of this tutorial we will cover some pros and cons of using web surveys in general. Then, we’ll demo Qualtrics. We’ll cover question types like scales (Likert, Thurnstone), audio/image presentation and arrays. We’ll talk about what Qualtrics can and can’t do with regard to randomization. We’ll go over different access modes for participants, and will also cover issues with opening up your survey to a broad public.

In the second part you are able to implement a survey yourself on the Utrecht University Qualtrics server. We’ll provide some example survey ideas, but you’re free to try and implement your own.

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