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  • Instructor(s): Roeland van Hout Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Available also as advanced: Yes

Using SPSS to produce a few statistics is different from handling complex data in a larger research project. The data set can become too large to put all data in one file. Sometimes it is necessary to import and export data from and to other sources. In other cases, a distinction needs to be made between the levels of analysis. In this session four aspects of SPSS data handling and analysis will be dealt with:

  1. Why keeping syntax? The window system in SPSS has many advantages. Using ‘old-fashioned’ syntax seems to have the advantage that more procedures and more options are available. However, an essential difference is that by using syntax you can save en redo the (complex) operations required to get the statistical analyses done.
  2. Why using different files? In a larger research project you may collect so many data that they need to be split into different files. How should you do that and how can you use the function merge? Another option is to apply the exchange (import/export) facilities, for instance with EXCEL.
  3. How to switch between speakers and occurrences? In dealing with a corpus, the basic level of handling data is represented by the occurrences of the linguistic phenomenon to be analyzed. Nevertheless, it is often necessary to calculate scores on the level of the speakers or participants. This level switch can be handled by using the function of aggregate.
  4. How to change the structure of the data matrix? For frequency analysis, it is good to know what the weight function may do, for reliability analysis you need sometimes to transpose your matrix structure, and it may happen that you need to repeat an analysis for different groups. How useful are options like weight, transpose, and split?

This list can be expanded by implementing questions of the participants, including questions about specific statistical procedures and techniques. When you have questions about SPSS, please mail them: hout at let dot ru dot nl.

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