Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, contact us at emlar2019@uu.nl.


1) Which tutorials will take place during which session?

The schedule for the tutorials will be announced after registration is closed.

2) When do I know for which tutorials I have been placed?

As soon as the registration deadline has passed, we will try to place everyone according to their preferences. You will receive further information once this happens.

3) Is there a participation fee?

There are three categories of fees:


  1. A) Members of Uil-OTS (including students of the RMA Linguistics at Utrecht University) do not pay anything.
  2. B) Members of LOT and students/employees of Utrecht University pay €50
  3. C) Regular participants pay €100


Participants from categories A and B need to pay an extra €25 if they wish to attend the dinner. For participants from category C, the dinner is free. 

4) Can I get LOT credits for participating in EMLAR?

You can get 2.5 ECTS for participating in EMLAR. To get these credits, you will need to participate in all sessions (that is, you need to attend three tutorials and all lectures). After each session, you need to get a signature on your attendance sheet at the registration desk.


Do note that we at EMLAR are not responsible for giving the LOT credit, we simply let the LOT bureau know who participated in all sessions. They then give the credit. For questions concerning LOT credits, please contact your local coordinator or the LOT office (lot@uva.nl)