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EMLAR XVI Registration Form

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Poster presenters will be contacted with further details after the registration is closed.


In order for your registration to be complete, we ask you to select and pay for the registration fee that is applicable to you.

Tutorial enrolment

Apart from the plenary sessions, there are hands-on tutorials on more practical aspects of language acquisition research. These will be given in parallel sessions on the first and second day of the workshop (the 15th and 16th of April). This year we offer the following tutorials:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Behavioral methods in infant research
  • CHILDES (advanced)
  • Computational Models
  • ERP
  • Ethics and Privacy
  • Eye Tracking: Reading
  • Eye Tracking: Visual World Paradigm
  • LENA (Language Environment Analysis System)
  • Online surveys with Qualtrics
  • Multilevel Analysis
  • Multilevel Analysis (advanced)
  • "New" Statistics - effect sizes & meta-analytic methods
  • PRAAT (advanced)
  • Research with infants: Tips and tricks
  • SPSS
  • SPSS (advanced)
  • Statistics with R
  • Statistics with R (advanced)

Please indicate your preferences in the table below. Note that it is not possible to choose both the beginner AND advanced levels of the same tutorial. Please opt for the advanced tutorials only if you have actual experience with using the respective method.


We aim to place participants in their preferred tutorials, however, we are limited by the capacity of the rooms. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis (note that your registration is complete only upon reception of your payment). Your registration and choices will be confirmed in late March. If you need to know before then (e.g. to finalise funding, book flights), please indicate so in the remarks section below.