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Registration for EMLAR XVII is open!

We are pleased to announce that the EMLAR 2021 workshop will take place on April 13-15 2021. The workshop will feature inspiring talks, tutorials, and a poster session. Registration is open until April 5th.

EMLAR will be held virtually. If the Covid-19 situation permits in April, we may be able to hold some sessions in a hybrid fashion on location at Utrecht University, as well as streaming them live. Stay tuned!

If you have a question about EMLAR or about registration, please send us an email: EMLAR2021@uu.nl.

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Keynote speaker

Michael Frank

Invited speakers

Caroline Junge & Christina Bergmann, Evelyn Bosma,

Jan Odijk, Camila Scaff, Gabriella Vigliocco & Gwen Brekelmans

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Automatic Speech Recognition
Arjan van Hessen
Bayesian Statistics
Shravan Vasishth
Jacqueline van Kampen
Day-long speech recordings
Camilla Scaff
Hanneke Loerts
Ethics and Privacy
Jacques Flores
Eye tracking: Visual World Paradigm
Pim Mak
Modelling in Python
Raquel G. Alhama / Andrew Jessop
Multilevel Analysis
Huub van den Bergh
Online surveys with Qualtrics
Martijn van der Klis
Willemijn Heeren
Research with infants: Tips and tricks
Anika van der Klis
Roeland van Hout
Statistics with R
Hugo Quené
The “New” Statistics: effect sizes and meta-analytic methods
Christina Bergmann

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