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EMLAR Tutorials 2020



Automatic Speech Recognition
Arjan van Hessen
Behavioral methods in infant research
Desiree Capel
Jacqueline van Kampen
Computational Models
Raquel G. Alhama / Andrew Jessop
Hanneke Loerts
Ethics and Privacy
Jacques Flores
Eye Tracking: Reading
Iris Mulders
Eye tracking: Visual World Paradigm
Pim Mak
Multilevel Analysis
Huub van den Bergh
Online surveys with Qualtrics
Martijn van der Klis
Willemijn Heeren
Research with infants: Tips and tricks
Anika van der Klis
Roeland van Hout
Statistics with R
Hans Rutger Bosker / Hugo Quené
The “New” Statistics: effect sizes and meta-analytic methods
Christina Bergmann

The tutorial schedule containing locations will be posted here after registration has closed. Please find the tutorial placements in the e-mail we will send to you in due time. We will try to place everyone according to their preferences.

The advanced tutorials are meant for participants who already have some experience with the method. The teacher will contact the students beforehand and prepare the advanced tutorial on the basis of students’ needs.

More information about the tutorial can be found by clicking in the table above on your tutorial of interest.

The tutorial schedule can be found here (TBA).